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the telephone network. the issue here is that the clinton administration very wisely after the 1996 telecom racket started a hands-off policy. we're not going to regulate it like the traditional telephone network we're going to invest it. and that investment that sat on the sidelines that was not going in to broadband. >> $300 billion. >> osince 1996. >> whose money? >> broadband providers, cable companies, verizon and google are investing that money into broadband networks. the point is about reclassification as a legal matter it's just not true that the fcc has to change that classification to regulate that new falltneutrality. the court said it could do this through-- >> this is where i have to jump in and disagree with you. there are shreds of remaining authority that the fcc has, but basically what has happened over the last decade or so, the fcc built its policy essentially out of a house of cards and it's been one decision after another that they've constructed to hold the whole thing together. what happened in january, the whole house of cards--i know that's funny considering the ne
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)